DQS Certification provides CMMI Services to top level corporates in diverse sectors of the Industry. DQS Certification is an Authorized SEI Transition Partner to provide CMMI Services. You will be able to get detailed information about our services by browsing through our CMMI Appraisal, CMMI Consultancy (provided through a separate legal entity, see Disclaimer) and CMMI Training Pages.

DQS Certification is committed to catalyze the software delivery processes in IT organizations to deliver reliable products and services with high productivity levels. The focus of DQS Certification while providing CMMI Consulting (provided through a separate legal entity, see Disclaimer) and CMMI Assessment Services is to help the client organization create efficient and predictable processes.

Motto of Customer Satisfaction

Hand in hand with You all the time

CMMI Consulting is about guidance in implementation for 22 process areas of CMMI which is a structured collection of best practices in the area of software and system design and development. CMMI Consulting is not essentially management system consulting to the extent that it does not cover design of a management system but emphasizes on use of best practices in Software and System design and development.

CMMI Consulting is performed through an optimized package of focused, solution oriented, advice on tool and technology usage and by constructive suggestions on delivery models and project execution models. It is always important that your current practices are fully leveraged and synergized with future best practices.

DQS Certification has provided CMMI Services to all types of companies of the world – small, large and also top level corporates. Hence DQS Certification is able to customise its approach keeping in view of clients requirements and client’s organizational culture.

CMMI Consultants are highly qualified to handle client requirements in a professional manner.

DQS Certification can provide the SEI Authorized Professionals like SEI Authorized CMMI Lead Appraiser, High Maturity Lead Appraiser and SEI Authorized CMMI Lead Instructor.

At the time of submission of proposal, DQS Certification clearly provides the following information:

  • Information about DQS Certification Services
  • Information about Client-serviced by DQS Certification
  • Clear Demarcation and Detailing of Responsibilities of Client Organization
  • Pricing with clearly identified Deliverables

Note: CMMI® and SCAMPI (SM) are the registered trademark and service-mark of SEI, CMU, USA