DQS Certification India Private Limited’s CMMI Lead Appraiser, Rajendra Khare, runs a blog – http://askcmmiappraiser.blogspot.com/ for the benefit of CMMI and Software Engineering Practitioners across the world. On this blog, you can ask any question that you have in your mind regarding CMMI or related subjects. It is Rajendra’s endeavor to answer all the questions systematically even if they require additional research. Hence all the responses on the blog are focused and containing pragmatic advice.

Rajendra’s short profile :

Rajendra Khare

Rajendra is a SCAMPI v1.2 Lead Appraiser, SCAMPI High Maturity Lead Appraiser, SCAMPI B&C Team Leader, and CMMI v1.2 Instructor. Rajendra leads the CMMI Division at DQS India (www.dqsindia.com). Rajendra has over two decades of experience in the area of quality management and software process improvement. In his last assignment, Rajendra was the Regional Manager with KPMG for quality management certification practice. Currently Rajendra is leading the DQS India team.

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