There are many risks that are encountered. It will depend on organization’s size, culture and type of work.

Some common risks encountered are:

  1. In general, most of the people, and even PMs feign ignorance, despite repeated and focused trainings. There is immense lack of attitude as well as knowledge in understanding the processes. People holding responsible positions have very little inclination towards unlearning and relearning the ways of implementing the processes. There is lack of Leadership at PM Level. Sometimes there is lack of accountability at PM Level.
  2. There is lack of communication from the Sr. Management, in clear terms, about the consequences of not implementing processes.
  3. Training process is weak and there in no follow-through on training.
  4. There is lack of availability of real data. Metrics Reports cannot be reliable if they are not based on correct data. Project data is back-calculated to meet the goals rather than going the proper way. And in this way, the organization is trapped into the vicious circle of incorrect data.