The Software Engineering Institute (SEI), CMU, USA has released the CMMI for Acquisition Primer, Version 1.2. This model framework CMMI best practices for those organizations who acquire products and services. This is based on the best practices of the CMMI for Acquisition (CMMI-ACQ), Version 1.2 model (441 pages) and can be used by projects that acquire products or services in government and non-government organizations.

The best practices provide framework for sub-contractor management including monitoring and controlling while the sub-contractors develop products or deliver services. The practices in this primer provide a basis for procurement or acquisition process that can assure reliable product and service delivery from sub-contractors.

The CMMI-ACQ Primer is a stand-alone guide that prepares users for implementing the CMMI-ACQ model for process improvement. The primer focuses on efficient and effective acquisition processes and practices that are implemented by first-level acquisition projects.

To download a copy of the primer, see the CMMI for Acquisition Primer, Version 1.2 entry in the Publications area of the SEI website.

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